Client Alert #40 New MacBook Pros & macOS Sierra Update

Client Alert #41
Gmail phishing attack, no more Verizon email, AirPorts & Time Capsules going away(?), Web Filtering Options for Families

Please read this entire alert!
Gmail phishing attack
There’s a new, dangerous Gmail phishing attack that can easily trick you into revealing your Google login. It works by tricking you as the recipient into clicking on what looks like a PDF or Word document attachment but actually is a link to a very realistic, yet fake Google login page. It's important to note that hosted Office 365 email users have seen the same type of attack.
Here’s a very clear and informative article from the BGR site that describes the problem and how to avoid it: 
No more Verizon email accounts
Verizon has announced that as of April 6th, 2017 that it will no longer be providing customers of Verizon with free Verizon email service. They’re offering an option where customers can keep their existing Verizon address and have AOL host it. Here’s an article from The Washington Post that describes the plan:

Given that we consider AOL to be an inferior email host (and Verizon about as bad), being forced into choosing a better provider isn’t actually a bad thing! Please contact your Call Andy! engineer to discuss how we’d recommend dealing with this change. Please don’t wait until it’s too late (April 6th)!
Probable discontinuation of AirPorts & Time Capsules
In November, Apple disbanded the division within the company responsible for the design and development of the AirPort and Time Capsule products. We’ve loved these products for years and have deployed over a thousand of them, but their time might be coming to an end. They’ll continue to keep working, and hopefully, Apple will continue to develop software updates for them for the next few years, but the writing is on the wall. Here's an article from 9to5Mac:

We've got excellent alternatives for these products, so please contact your Call Andy! engineer to discuss what you might need to do moving forward.
Web filtering - Synology, Meraki, Disney Circle
 If you have kids and you’d like to have some insight, and possible control, over what they can see and do on the web, we have some great options for you and we’re happy to meet and discuss them with you. To that end, we’re offering a “Kid-Safe” evaluation at a 1-hour minimum charge + travel. Please contact your Call Andy! engineer if you'd like more info about keeping your family safe online!
Our new address
Back in February, Andy and Call Andy! HQ moved to Wayland. While we miss Natick, we’re happy to be in Wayland and our new digs! Please note our new mailing address:
Call Andy! Macintosh Consulting
1 Village Lane
Wayland, MA 01778-4564

As always, please contact your Call Andy! engineer before making any major change such as an OS upgrade, installing new hardware, or even if you have concerns about clicking on a link in an email. We can certainly answer all your questions and hopefully avoid what could be a more thorny issue.
Again, thank you for your continued reliance on us as your Mac IT resource.

AndyDerekEric, Kat & the CA Helpdesk team
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