Client Alert #40 New MacBook Pros & macOS Sierra Update
Client Alert #40 New MacBook Pros & macOS Sierra Update

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New MacBook Pros

Completely redesigned, the 2016 MacBook Pros offer the power and speed we’ve all been waiting for in a new, slimmer design (slimmer than a MacBook Air), and some very cool new features. We can’t wait to get our hands on these!  There are 2 13” models, and one 15” model. 

The 2016 MacBookPros offer speed and weight improvements, but the biggest new feature is the Touch Bar that sits above the keyboard where the function keys usually are. The Touch Bar is a touch sensitive OLED strip that brings Touch ID as well as integration with applications allowing contextually sensitive functions and controls. During today's "Hello Again" product announcement, Apple demoed several uses of the Touch Bar, and application developers will have access to creating new and exciting uses for it.

The new 13” MacBook Pros are available in space gray and silver, and the Touch Bar-enabled models have 4 Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports, but drop the traditional USB A ports and MagSafe charging connector. The non-Touch Bar-enabled model has 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports and also drops the USB A ports and MagSafe charging connector. This means that the older style MagSafe chargers will not work with these new MacBook Pros.

The 13” MacBook Pros weigh 3.02 lbs and is .59” thick, and the 15” weighs 4.02 lbs and is .61” thick. 

The 13” without the Touch Bar is shipping now, and the new Touch Bar-enabled 13” & 15” models will be shipping in 2-3 weeks. You can read about them here.

Sierra Update
On September 20th, Apple released the latest version of their new operating system for Macintosh computers. Dubbed “macOS Sierra”, 10.12 is touted as having dozens of new, exciting features. As before, Apple is offering the operating system for free through the online App Store. With the release of 10.12.1 earlier this week, we feel that Sierra is now stable, and ready for adoption for most of our clients.
Upgrading to macOS Sierra is a straightforward process and Apple has made it relatively simple to do. However, there is still potential for problems to arise during the upgrade process, or for issues to surface with some of the non-Apple applications you may rely on. You can take a look at to check on any specific applications you might have concerns about.

Because of these potential pitfalls, and because it’s always much more difficult to resolve these problems after an upgrade has already occurred, we recommend that we be involved with the transition to any major operating system upgrade.
As always, please contact your Call Andy! engineer before making any major change such as an OS upgrade, or new hardware. We can certainly answer all your questions and, if necessary, help you to successfully make the move to this new Mac experience.
Again, thank you for your continued reliance on us as your Mac IT resource.

AndyDerekEric, Kat & the CA Helpdesk team
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