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MAC Defender Scam

Recently, a new scam that is targeting Mac users has been uncovered called MAC Defender. This is only the latest in a series of scams that try to convince Mac users that they have a virus. 


It will try to get you to purchase the phony MAC Defender software using a credit card, which is a problem, then it will attempt to install itself on your computer.


If you have the "Open "Safe" files after downloading" preference checked in Safari > Preferences > General, the installer for this will be decompressed and run. This installer will ask you for an Administrator's password, so if you don't enter it, you're OK.


If you think you've installed this on your system, please call your engineer at Call Andy! and we can discuss it's impact and removal.


You can read more about this in an article by Ars Technica:


There are a growing number of "phishing" and "virus" scams targeting computer users. Generally, if a website tells you that you might have a virus and you're running a Mac, this is almost certainly a scam. If you have questions about how to use the web safely, please call us!


Data Wiring


Do you know someone building a new home, or planning to remodel all or part of their home? This is the perfect time to consider infrastructure wiring


Despite the marketing efforts of lots of companies including Apple, wireless networking (WiFi) alone is not always the best (or even a workable) solution. Wired networks are always better than wireless, but that's not to say that wireless doesn't have an important role to play. Some devices (like laptops and iPads) are ideal for WiFi connections. Other devices, such as networkable printers, blu-ray players, Apple TVs and desktop machines perform much better when connected via ethernet wiring. Using a combination of data wiring and wireless networking is the best way to get both the speed and reliability of wires along with the convenience and flexibility of wireless networking.


Working with our wiring vendor, Call Andy! can design and install a high performance, secure wired and wireless network that will cover your entire space effectively, give you the best and most dependable speed possible, and allow you shared access to the internet, backup, printers and media devices.


The ideal time to do this is when you're planning and before the walls are closed-in, or before you move in to new space. Call Andy for more information.


Upcoming events


MacTech Bootcamp - Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Andy is the Conference Sessions Co-Chair


Boston Loop Business Expo - Wednesday June 1st, 2011

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