December 9, 2010

Strategic Plan Adopted for the North American Division: Reach North America

Reach North America logoRevival and reformation and a renewed emphasis to come together in love and unity to reclaim missing members and to reach our communities with the gospel, was a significant message presented during General Conference Autumn Council and the North American Division Year-end Meeting in late 2010. Presidents Ted N. C. Wilson, GC; and Dan Jackson, NAD; introduced documents that were read and voted and that are intended to impact church life and its mission during the next five years.

President Dan Jackson shares his vision for NAD. “I believe that we are living in that segment of time that the Bible writers describe as “the end of the age.” For Seventh-day Adventists of all generations the resounding message of the Scriptures is:  Jesus is coming soon!  However, as I consider the scope of the task God has given us, it is not difficult to see that the mission is far more extensive than can be accomplished through human energy and means. As never before, you and I must have the power of God’s Spirit to take control of us personally and corporately. It is not acceptable for us to think that we can continue to carry out God’s work as we’re doing now, or have in the past. We are in desperate need of spiritual renewal. As individuals and as a Division-wide family we must appeal to God to gift us with His Spirit to such an extent that our hearts will continually focus on His will and His plan for us and for the world around us.”

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NAD NewsPoints

Published weekly, the North American Division's official e-newsletter Friday Facts has a new name - NAD NewsPoints.

NAD NewsPoints
is sent to leaders across the North American Division including local church leaders, pastors, conference and union workers, and General Conference staff.

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Southern Celebrates 60 Years of Accreditation

On December 7, 1950, after six years of working toward receiving full accreditation as a four-year college, Southern Adventist University—then Southern Missionary College—finally received accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Now, 60 years later, Southern is reflecting on its accreditation accomplishment.

"The accreditation process has functioned over the years to strengthen and improve Southern's educational mission," says Robert Young, Ph.D., senior vice president of academic administration.

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Committed Wows NBC's 'The Sing Off' source: Gleaner now

Paul BrantleyA six-man vocal a cappella singing group with strong roots in Adventist education, from Forest Lake Academy to Oakwood University, is wowing judges on the NBC television program "The Sing Off." On the Monday, Dec. 6 program, judges lauded the group, not only for their musical prowess, but for staying true to their name — Committed. Program judge, Nicole Scherzinger said, "I love the name of your group and what it stands for. God is good, and He shines His light through your voices and through your talent. Stay 'Committed.'" Watch a brief pre-program interview with the group members here.


Adventist Ministries Convention in 2011 Postponed to 2012

The North American Division's Adventist Ministries Convention scheduled for January, 2011, in Tucson, Arizona, has been cancelled. Citing economic concerns, the rotation of the Convention has been changed to twice every five years instead of every other year.

At recent conventions, fewer church personnel attended. It is hoped that with one fewer meeting during a quinquennium, savings will allow more church professionals to attend and benefit from the presentations.

The Adventist Ministries Convention will take place two years after a General Conference session and one year prior to the next one. The next sessions are scheduled for January 2012, 2014, 2017 and 2019. This five-year cycle allows for the NAD to strategically position other events around the convention. This change will also allow more time for NAD departmental directors who are elected in November, 2010, to adequately plan for the Convention.

2011 Calendar of Special Days & Calendar of Special Offerings

The 2011 Calendar of Special Days and Calendar of Special Offerings are available on the NAD website. Click here for the Calendar of Special Days. Click here for the Calendar of Special Offerings.

Ron Clouzet to hold NET 2011 for North American Division

Does the past reveal your future? It's the question that will attract the attention of all who receive a handbill for NET 2011: Prophecies Decoded. It's also the question that will be answered nightly September 30—October 29 for all who choose to attend.

Ron Clouzet, Field Secretary, North American Division Evangelism Institute (NADEI), is working with a team that is gearing up to offer a full message resource for every church in the United States, Bermuda and Canada. A series of strategically planned pre-meeting seminars are also slated for early 2011. A day of prayer and revival January 8 will be followed by a creation seminar in May and an archaeology seminar in September, just prior to the NET event beginning on September 30.

Prophecies Decoded will be uplinked live from the Madison Campus church, Nashville, Tennessee, to be aired on Hope TV. Churches may register by calling 855-NET-2011 or click here to register online. The website, designed especially for the event, will carry information and valuable resources.


Sabbath School

Established as a major setting for religious education in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Sabbath school exists to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Its website provides tools for Sabbath School programs in local churches. Click here to visit the website. To visit the NAD Adult Ministries website click here.

To download adult Sabbath School materials click here and look under "Adult Sabbath School Materials" and click and save the compressed file.

ABC's Holiday Deals

Save BIG this holiday season with books that help you share your faith. These books were written with sharing in mind. Pick some up today for everyone you want to remember this holiday season. With prices this low you can share them with each person on your gift list! Click here to view the list of books.

Hope Channel

Hope Channel is the global television network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Its website provides programming schedules and links to Hope Channel broadcasting in English and other languages. Click here to visit the network's site.

Click here to view schedules for Hope Channel and Hope Church Channel.

Christmas Card, an Outreach Tool

It Is Written Canada, in partnership with other SDA entities, have prepared a special Christmas card outreach tool.

This Christmas card includes a DVD with a Christmas concert and a message in 7 different languages: French, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Serbo-Croatian, Italian and English. The concert that is featured on the DVD is conducted by Mark Élysée, featuring the Il Est Ecrit Choir and the McGill string student orchestra. This concert includes 12 Christmas classic songs such as “Joy To The World”, “Silent Night”, “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”, and many other favorites.

You can order online: or by telephone: 905.404.6510. A volume discount is available only for orders by telephone.

Upcoming Events


December 20
Entries begin for 2011 SONscreen Film Festival IX begin
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Worldwide Day of Prayer

January 1, 2011 culminates a week-long series of television programs on Hope Channel that allows every church member around the world to participate in seeking God for a revival experience in 2011.

Jesus in Your Church

January 8, 2011
This is a revival and prayer day devoted to preparing hearts for the mission that is before us in 2011, searching and reaping. NET 2011  Prophecies Decoded: Can the past reveal your future? will take place in September 2011. For more information about the NET click here.

Operation Global Rain

January 5–15, a ten-day worldwide prayer/spiritual emphasis as a follow-up to January 1 day of prayer.


February 18
Early deadline entry for 2011 SONscreen Film Festival IX.
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Non-profit Leadership Certification Program

May 15–19, 2011
Basic Curriculum Link for more details click here.